Disturbed | job seekingWow! Starting this band by Job Seeking process after Eric Awalt leave the group. It was a great search for Disturberd that they got David in the band. Lots of employment company rejoice in their albums earning awards. On the other hand, this band is also earning employment opportunities from their Jobs work.

Disturbed | resumeIn its early days, Disturbed was known as Brawl, a band whose lineup included guitarist Dan Donegan, drummer Mike Wengren, bassist Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, and vocalist Eric Awalt. Eric Awalt left the band shortly after the recording of a demo tape and the other three members went on advertising for a singer. They posted an ad in the local music publication in Chicago, Illinois, called the "Illinois Entertainer".

Disturbed | job seekingDavid Draiman had answered the ad after going to twenty other auditions that month. As guitarist Dan Donegan commented on Draiman, "You know, out of all the singers, that we had talked to or auditioned, he [Draiman] was the only singer who was ready to go with originals. And that impressed me, just to attempt that". Donegan also went on to say, "I think just to walk in a room with musicians that you don't know and to have the balls to say, 'Let's just, you know, let's just jam'." With regards of Draiman being the new singer for the band, Donegan said, "After a minute or two, he just starts banging out these melodies that were huge. And I'm sitting there...I'm playing my guitar and I'm grinning from ear to ear, trying not to give it away that I like this guy, you know, 'cause I don't want to, you know... 'Yeah, we'll give you a call back. We'll, you know, discuss it.' But I was so psyched. Chill up my spine. I'm like, 'There is something here'." As drummer Mike Wengren commented, "We clicked right off the bat."

DisturbedDraiman then joined the band in 1996 and he re-named the band Disturbed. When asked in an interview why he decided to name the band Disturbed, Draiman said, "It had been a name I have been contemplating for a band for years. It just seems to symbolize everything we were feeling at the time. The level of conformity that people are forced into was disturbing to us and we were just trying to push the envelope and the name just sorta made sense."